Grippe H1N1 et IP: info de dernière minute

Bonne nouvelle! La communauté scientifique est unanime : le virus H1N1 n’est pas contagieux par voie IP, et ne passe les lignes ADSL. Vous pouvez continuer votre gymnastique de l’anglais sans crainte.

* Internet Protocol

3 Comments on “Grippe H1N1 et IP: info de dernière minute

  1. I totally agree about the fact that the flu can be propaged by IP. However I don't think gymenglish supports 'yet' the RFC 2549 on its servers!

    Perhaps the team can tell us if they use (in P2P) this protocol ? Do they have 'baby pigeons' which send lessons and receive answers of these users?

    As I can't wait more than 5 minutes my answers and certainly because I live too far from gym-english (I live in Nantes), I will still prefer an ADSL connection!


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