April Fool

Le poisson d’avril à la GymGlish

Chaque jour, GymGlish propose un cocktail personnalisé de contenus correspondant aux lacunes, niveau et attentes thématiques propres à chacun. Mais il y a des exceptions, les ‘Special Days’, lesquels sont communs à tous les utilisateurs : les ‘Funky Fridays’ (dernier vendredi du mois, l’utilisateur vote alors pour la suite de l’histoire), et d’autres jours spéciaux comme le 1er avril.

Retour sur le dernier poisson d’avril, où nos utilisateurs ont été accueilli par le message suivant : ‘Nous avons bien enregistré votre requête, votre parcours sera dorénavant personnalisé autour du thème suivant : BANDE DESSINEE’…

1/ Are the following statements TRUE or FALSE, based on the comic strip above? 

  • Brian Jones can fly.
  • Stink makes Bruno wear sunglasses. 
  • Bruno is expecting a visit from Stink.

2/ You’ve seen the ‘object’ several times. According to the story, what is this object? 

  • a USB Key
  • a knife
  • a pencil
  • a worm
Beaucoup sont tombés dans le piège…

16 Comments on “April Fool

  1. La plus belle bande dessinée de tous les temps. Le Brian volant est particulièrement réussi: j'adore!


  2. Hello,
    I've found this episode quite strange and I don't understand why there is a comment at the beginning of this lesson saying that I've chosen to focus on comic strips… Is it a joke from your part?
    Awaiting for your comments,

    Ah! Ah! Ah! I've been fooled! Well done for your April fool!!
    Have a nice day.


  3. Hello,

    Where have you found “I have choosen to focus on the theme of comic strips” ?
    It's not true and I don't like that.
    Please, audios with their text – such as the next lesson – are better for me.


  4. Sorry but I haven't understood anything of this comic strip : who is Stink ? why does Bruno speak about flying ? Who are the persons speaking with Stink ?
    May I have a little explanation ?
    Thanks in advance !

    Thank you for this joke !
    I was entirely fooled !
    Congratulations !


  5. The drawings are very bad and its very difficult distinguish the type of object.
    The comic is absurd.


  6. this lesson is boring and uninteresting ; please do not send an other like this one

    have a good weekend


  7. Hi,
    I was surprised by the gymglish today because it was easier. Now I realized it was an April Fool !
    Nice joke.
    Kind regards.


  8. Hello

    On top of this email lesson you are writing:

    “Thank you for taking the time to personalize your Pedagogical Interests via your online Workbook. You have chosen to focus on the theme of: comic strips.”

    I never set my interests to comic strips. In fact I didn't do any changes in my workbook since a while. If I'm looking under my interests in the workbook I see no “comic strips” in “My Areas of Interest”
    at all. Why was this setting changed? Please reset the settings. Lack of the choice to chose “comic strips” I can't reset this setting by myself…

    Another question: The last episode stopped at scenes 11-12 of 14. Why was this episode it not finished?

    Thanks for responding

    Best regards

    Oh no! You got me…

    I totally forgot we have the first of April. OK – just forget my previous comment…

    Best regards


  9. Excellent, you took me !!! Great Idea. Now after the uncovering, rating of the story from me is a 5*****
    thanks a lot and have a nice day.


  10. I didn't enjoy that comic strip at all, it confused me and was poorly drawn.


  11. comment: Just to tell that it was a very good April Fool's prank, and I appreciated it fully ! I guessed it was a joke, since I knew which date it is, and I played the game, I was having a good laugh ! Thanks !


  12. Je suis un peu en retard pour te balancer mon poisson d’avril mais j’espère que l’année prochaine je serais la première.


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