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Dear users,

Early August 2012 we started using our domain to deploy some GymGlish content files, including audio files from our lessons, through the Amazon Cloudfront Content Delivery Network (see [1] below).

So instead of audio links like
you are likely to encounter more and more links like this in GymGlish:
or sometimes if we decide to temporarily disable the CDN:

If all three links work for you, then you have nothing to do!

However if any of the two links do not let you download the mp3, there might be a filtering issue and this blog post is here to help your system administrator fix the issue.

Please note that while the alternate “Download audio file” link in GymGlish lessons currently (as of Aug 8th 2012) uses URLs like we intend to eventually replace them by links using as soon as September 2012.

For your administrator,

The will only serve data approved by our company. No unauthorized third party can host files under the domain, which you can trust as much as the domain.
The links we will build on our domain for our GymGlish product will all look like this:
Other products from our company will use URLs with their own domain in the path, like this if we take the example of the Rich Morning Show:

If downloading from the domain fails, it is likely that a firewall of some kind blocks access to resources. We recommend that you add as a trusted domain in your filtering software if possible.

Please note that some anti-virus products consider the domain as potentially dangerous (most likely because the domain has not been registered long ago and has high traffic) and block it by default (at least it is still the case today, Aug 7th 2012). We have already contacted Websense, Sophos and McAfee to be removed from their blocking list. Should your anti-virus editor consider as potentially dangerous, please leave us a note so that we can contact them, and/or manually add as a trusted domain in your filtering software.

Hope this helps.

Do not hesitate to get back to us if you need more information on this topic: since this infrastructure change is new, we are happy to get customer feedback and respond accordingly in order to provide the best service to all our customers.

Best regards,
The GymGlish technical team

[1] A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a piece of Internet infrastructure that allows fast and robust download of content files. CDNs have servers all over the world (called edges) and users are redirected to the nearest server so that their download time is as low as possible. Currently, Amazon Cloudfront provides edges in United States, Europe, Hong Kong & Singapore, Japan, South America and Australia.

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