The Word of the Month : Application iOS disponible

Téléchargez gratuitement l’application The word of the Month sur iOS (iPhone et iPad) :

Chaque mois, Gymglish vous propose un mot de l’actualité en anglais et pour votre anglais :

– April 2013: Iron Lady (The death of Margaret “Maggie” Thatcher)
– March 2013: Successor (Successors in the headlines)
– February 2013: Horse ( The horsemeat scandal and more)
– January 2013: 13 (The number 13)
– December 2012: Doomsday (The end of the world as we know it)
– November 2012: Movember (The month of mustaches)
– October 2012: Debate (Debates far and near)
– September 2012: Moon (Neil Armstrong’s death and more about the Moon)
– August 2012: Medal (The 2012 Olympic Games and more)

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