Reasons to learn French: an unbiased and objective list (#2)

Reason #2: Go beyond Lady Marmelade.

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi…ce soir is great and everything, but 9 times out of 10, saying this line in earnest will earn you a solid slap to the visage. Why not start doucement with some sexy, slightly absurd French songs with profound lyrics (paroles)?

Phase 1 (le matin): Fly to the closest beach, put on your best white suit, toss your cigarette casually into the sea, break out your baritone voice and muse seductively: “Tu sais, je n’ai jamais été aussi heureux que ce matin*’’.

Phase 2 (le soir): As night falls, channel Alain Delon and croon in the same sultry tones: “Tu es comme le vent qui fait chanter les violons et emporte au loin le parfum des roses**” Wave your cigarette for added emphasis.

Phase 3 (la nuit): At this point, the only reasonable reply from any would-be chéri(e) d’amour should be the following: “Maintenant, viens !***”.

Either that or a punch to the visage. So, you want to learn French now? Still unsure? Stay tuned next week for reason #3 to learn French: Plan your honeymoon to Gabon.

A fair and objective look at the merits of learning French, brought to you by, Online French Lessons.

* You know, I’ve never been as happy as I was this morning.
** You’re like the wind that makes violins sing and blows the perfume of roses far away.
*** Now come!


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