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World Cup of English: Brazil vs. Chile.

Tired of the World Cup? We aren’t either, but consider switching over to the World Cup of English and witness a lively, accented debate between representatives of Brazil and Chile.

Vote for your favorite accent NOW!

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World Cup of English: Brazil vs. Switzerland.

The World Cup is heating up, but not nearly as much as the World Cup of English! Tune in now to see a real clash of the titans: Brazil vs. Switzerland.

One is neutral and green, and the other is… neutral and green. One has great chocolate and the other has great cocktails. There can be only one. Vote for your favorite accent today!

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The World Cup of What?

The World Cup (of football) seems to be all that people are talking about these days – at your office, at the pub, and if you’re lucky, even in your bedroom. But what’s all the fuss about? It’s just a bunch of attractive men with beautiful hair kicking around a leather sphere in a competent fashion while the hopes of their nation hang in the balance… no big whoop.


What if the world turned its attention to an event with more global implications, more drama, more intrigue, more panache, and fewer penalties? What if we told you that World Cup (of English) provides all that and more? Well, that’s what we’re telling you!

Gymglish, in partnership with LeMonde, present the ultimate tournament of accents. Simply listen to the audio for each match, and vote for your favorite accent. All the great nations are represented: Denmark, Cameroon, Japan… and 5 other countries.

Remember that English is a game where using your hands is encouraged and participate in an event that truly matters! Enjoy and vote now.