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The unofficial story of Gymglish (Part 4)

Part 4: PASSION.

For our 10th birthday, let’s continue with our list of 11 fundamental ideas behind Gymglish.

To be successful, Gymglish needed a solid team with good people, not just unpaid interns. It was hiring season: job offers were posted, pigeons released, telegrams delivered. Mothers sent cousins, cousins called friends, and friends found candidates. Eventually, a short list was made: not with the most experienced or best-educated candidates, but with the most passionate. As everybody knows, in the Artificial Intelligence-powered online English teaching business, passion means everything.

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The Word of the Month (March 2012): PRIMARIES

En partenariat avec, les cours d’anglais par internet GymGlish reviennent chaque mois sur un mot de l’actualité en anglais, et pour votre anglais.