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GymEnglish Versus GymGlish: Some basic math

GymEnglish vs gymglish
Here at GymEnglish GymGlish, math isn’t our specialty, although we do work with some smart dudes. Despite that, there is one equation that we are quite familiar with:

Gymnastics + English = GymGlish (Correct)
Gymnastics + English = GymEnglish (Incorrect)

You see, GymGlish is a name that rolls off the tongue! Its sonority is unparalleled, like church bells on Sunday, or the mating call of a humpback whale. You want me to explain the math? No problem: we’ve taken the first syllable of ‘Gymnastics’ (because of our daily workout approach to learning) and combined it with the last syllable of ‘English’ (the language that we teach), and we’ve come up with the sum: GymGlish.

TaDa, as all the great magicians say.

So why then, do our users insist on calling us GymEnglish? Why the confusion? Why combine a prefix with a whole word? Where is the logic in that? Perhaps we need a GymDictionary to find out, or, as it should be called, a GymDic.

GymEnglish Ici à GymGlish, les mathématiques ne sont pas notre spécialité, mais il y a cependant une équation qui nous est assez familière:

Gymnastics + English = GymGlish (Correct)
Gymnastics + English = GymEnglish (Incorrect)

Le calcul est simple, nous avons pris la première syllabe de ‘gymnastique’ (car notre approche pédagogique est basée sur un travail quotidien!) que nous avons combiné à la dernière syllabe du mot ‘English’ (l’anglais étant la langue que nous faisons apprendre), et.. abradacabra… le mot/produit/marque GymGlish est né! Facile!

Et pourtant GymGlish se transforme très souvent en GymEnglish lors de nos conversations avec nos utilisateurs, prospects, les journalistes, bloggeurs, … Pourquoi?! Vous avez la parole.