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The unofficial story of Gymglish (Part 10)

Part 10: PARTIES.

For our 10th birthday, let’s continue with our list of 11 fundamental ideas behind Gymglish.

As far back as we can remember, which isn’t very far, Gymglish has made it a priority to throw an annual party. After starting with a guest list of mainly clients, partners, friends and family, our most recent parties have featured police, firemen and paramedics, only 5 of whom were on duty.

As a matter of fact, this booklet is being distributed at our 10th anniversary party! Are you having fun? We hope so. Also, the toilets are to your left.

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The unofficial story of Gymglish (Part 1)

Introduction & Part 1: IDEA.

To celebrate Gymglish’s 10th anniversary, which we did in groundbreaking fashion this May, we’ll be revealing the 11 fundamental philosophies behind the company’s foundation in 2004. We’ll explore some of the themes and ideals that are most important to Gymglish’s culture and identity, in an ultra-serious fashion of course! No joking around here. Enjoy!

Part 1: IDEA.
As predicted by a Guatemalan horse jockey in the late 17th century, Gymglish (aka A9 SAS) was born on February 6th, 2004, weighing a hefty 8 pounds and 4 ounces. Baby Gymglish came out of his mother with a green afro, a red Gymglish t-shirt and a simple dream: to create a new approach to e-learning.

GymGlish Party 2011

Qu’est-ce que c’est que cette soirée ?

Tous les ans depuis notre création en 2004, nous organisons au mois de mai une soirée dans nos locaux. Et tous les ans les mêmes questions pleuvent : “Vous inaugurez quelque chose? Lancez un nouveau produit? Y aura-t-il une conférence, une annonce? Faut-il venir en costume ?”. Réponses : non, non, non et non. L’objectif : inviter nos contacts et amis de tous horizons, professionnels comme personnels, et faire la fête ensemble… simplement !

L’édition 2011, le 26 mai dernier, en image :