Nickname: Monkey Junction

Location: Florianópolis (That’s in Brazil)

Motto: “Tudo Jóia”

Currency: Brazilian Real (For real)

Brazil. Beaches. Monkeys. A decent internet connection. Need we say more? Samba down to the “Silicon Valley” of Brazil, in beautiful Florianópolis, on the island of Santa Catarina. About an hour from Rio and Sao Paulo by plane, and several thousand hours by foot, Florianopolis is a hub for vacationers, adventurers, surfers, electro enthusiasts and “dot-commers” working off the beaten path. This improbable office boasts the most monkeys of any Gymglish location (> 1). The workspace is aesthetic, green and has a pleasant citrus odor. The inside features tables, chairs, desks, electricity, running water, and humans of both the Brazilian and non-Brazilian variety. This magical environment will remind you of Jurassic Park, only we’ve replaced the dinosaurs with monkeys. Nature, uh, finds a way. The staff is friendly, well-dressed and makes a pretty good glass of orange juice – not too much pulp. Did we mention the monkeys?

Staff Skills: Entrepreneurship, Business Development, BtoB sales, Web marketing,  SEO / SEM, Customer Support, Sourcing, Back Office Development, Technical Development and Programming, Deciphering Brazilian Administration, Fruit Juices

Languages spoken: Portuguese, French, English, Spanish, German

Amenities: High-Speed Internet, Fax / Printer / Minitel, Coffee, Juice, Kitchen, Open Space, Meeting Room, Forest, Monkeys

Easy access to: Beaches, Lagoons, Yoga, Hiking, Running, Surfing, Paragliding, Boating, Samba, Alcohol, Beautiful people, Cocktails, Clubs, Stereotypes.

Bonus: Accommodation at Casa do Bem (house, garden, surf retreat):  5-min drive from office, 100-meter walk to a wild, surf-friendly beach