Nickname: “The promised office”

Location: Tel Aviv (That’s in Israel)

Motto: L’chaim

Currency: The shekel (for real)

Holy S#%t, it’s the Holy Land! You’ve said for years that Israel is real (sic) far away, but not anymore. Voted “most controversial location” for a new office annually since 1948, our Israeli digs are located in the heart of Tel Aviv, a growing Start Up and Tech hub in the middle east. Our office is situated near Habima square, in Lev Tel-Aviv, known for its quality restaurants and cafés.  The area is relatively rocket-free and within walking distance of the beach (surfers welcome!), the city center, multiple shawarma outlets, and Lebanon, we think. Our small team in Tel Aviv is always looking for new friends to share ideas and strategy, and we promise not to engage you in any intense political debates. Looking for things to do? Head up to Jerusalem for a wild / religious weekend, float in a particularly salty sea and cover yourself with curative mud, head to the beach and smoke some flavored tobacco, argue with aggressive taxi drivers or simply stuff your face with hummus (Gymglish recommends). Just don’t come in August. It’s too hot and the French are everywhere.

Staff Skills: EntrepreneurshipBusiness development, BtoB sales, Multi-language Customer Support, Writing Backwards

Languages spoken: Hebrew, French, English, Spanish

Amenities: High speed Internet, Fax / Printer / Minitel, Coffee Machine (imported from France, don’t worry), Air Conditioning, Open space, Meeting room, Surfing (online, real life), High political tension, Falafel